[Tig] TV dramas graded darker than similar movies?

Bob Friesenhahn bfriesen at simple.dallas.tx.us
Tue Jan 21 21:58:57 GMT 2014

On Tue, 21 Jan 2014, Riza Pacalioglu wrote:

> "Perhaps a more accurate observation is that Internet streaming could offer quality much better than Blu-ray or even worse than VHS. Streaming over the "Internet" becomes subject to any bandwidth limits or packet losses along the way as well as the capabilities of the hardware on both ends."
> Not correct. Data stream limitations do not change picture quality. Unless the server is set up wrongly all you should see is stuttering playback at the viewer end. Quality stays the same.

It is common here in the USA (Netflix as an example) for the data rate 
to be ramped up until the sender/receiver agree that the channel is 
reasonably full.  Otherwise there would be quite a lot more waiting 
for buffering or stuttering.  They ramp up the data rate by gradually 
increasing resolution and color clarity.

It is a bit sad that the Internet access device I am working on here 
at my day job supports 1 Gbit of bi-directional bandwidth (plus 
1.5 Gbit more of non-data video "overlay"), yet the available access 
rates at home are very low due to the entrenched installed base which 
sees little economic advantage to replacing the copper with fiber to 
obtain more bandwidth.  Everything would be different with 1 Gbit of 
bandwidth to the home.

Regardless, I am able to get a better picture from Netflix at home 
than the local CBS affiliate has typically been producing for "The 
Good Wife" in this past season.

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