[Tig] Paramount calls time on 35mm

Daniel Henríquez Ilic dhisur at gmail.com
Wed Jan 22 18:56:07 GMT 2014

A non official source (local distribution holding) mentionned that in
Chile, as of May 2013, aprox 60% of the screens were using 35mm projectors.

The first IMAX (digital projection) theatre is being built and should open
soon.  Good news, even if it is not in 70mm... I hope to see there THE
HIDDEN UNIVERSE movie, that was shot in part in 65mm in the Atacama Desert.

35mm is an universal format, it has been around since more than 100 years
and has archival properties.  Seeing (the beauty of) the light coming
through a tangible transparency - like a slide - is also the basis of
cinema and should never be lost.

Both finishing workflows should be considered at the DI stage : 35mm and
DCP (aside from the broadcast masters).

Daniel Henríquez Ilic
Santiago, Chile

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