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Juan Ignacio Cabrera jicabrera at gmail.com
Fri Jan 24 06:22:44 GMT 2014

That sounds great coming from the Dolby PRM manager... I look forward to
check the Canon out. As much as I really wanted to love the PRM-4200, I
don-t entirely feel comfortable grading with it. The light and color bleed
is way too much for a monitor of such high range.

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On Thu, Jan 23, 2014 at 10:14 PM, Rob Lingelbach <rob at colorist.org> wrote:

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> Bob Frye would like me to pass this on the TIG in reply to Carl Skaff’s
> comments/queries on the Canon
> 4k monitor.
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> > Carl -
> >
> > It's always exciting to work with a new reference display, especially
> one with the pedigree that the Canon has.  As the product manager for
> Dolby's PRM-4200, I have had many opportunities to do some serious in depth
> analysis of many displays, true reference versions and pretenders to the
> throne, so to speak.
> >
> > While I haven't had an in-depth session with the Canon, from what I've
> seen during it's previews at IBC and NAB, I can say that Canon is doing all
> the right things.  Of the several 4K displays entering the market now, it
> strikes me as being the one most likely to become the "it" 4K monitor in
> this size.  I was impressed with it's gray scale rendition. The way it
> comes up out of black without  crushing the lowest code words reminds me of
> the Dolby monitor.  Very accurate and smooth, does a great job of rendering
> the details in the shadows.  That might be one area I'd suggest you look
> into with the content you're working on there.   As good as the E-series
> OLEDs are, when I measured their gray scale tracking, they did crush the
> first few code words coming up out of black, which may or may not impact
> your shadow details, of course this is content dependent.  I've thought the
> Canon had good colorimetry as well, both the primaries and secondaries seem
> well represented to my eyes.
> >
> > I'm looking forward to getting some seat time with the Canon myself…
> will be very interested to hear your thoughts as you continue evaluating /
> working with it.
> >
> > Bob
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