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I had the privilege to spend dinner with one of the Japanese engineers of this display after they presented it on a show in my country.
He said that the optimal/recommended viewing distance is very close, I can’t recall the exact distance, but it was around 3 feet, maybe between 2-3 feet? 

From that distance it’s quite impossible to differentiate individual pixels, even if you go crazy and start pixel-peeping from 10 inches away, you will have a hard time finding edges.
They demoed the display with the footage that was shot with the C500 to Canon RAW, and what was really interesting that even though it was extremely sharp/detailed, it wasn’t poking my eyes out, the image still had a natural feeling to it.

Another thing worth mentioning is that when I asked him, what led to the quite high price tag, the first thing he mentioned was uniformity. 
And he was quite right, compared to all the other 4K and UltraHD displays on that show, the image on this one showed no darkening around the edges or anywhere else.

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> On Fri, 24 Jan 2014, Carl Skaff wrote:
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> What is the recommended viewing distance from a 30" 4K display?  Is it possible to notice pixel-level details at the recommended viewing distance?
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