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Thanks Juan for your follow up.

What I must say is you found the "small bright object" issue which was visible as you described in the initial software release of the monitor.  This was indeed an issue and with the help 
of some great early customers in Europe, and a team of engineers that flat out refused to accept that this was an inherent limitation of the technology, Dolby was able to release a series of software updates that virtually eliminated this problem.  I'm betting that if you saw the PRM with the latest software, with the most recent "fix" for this artifact (there were incremental updates), that you'd find a huge difference in the starry sky situation you described.

And the vibrating you described also could be seen in certain conditions, with the initial software.  Thankfully, the engineering team also was relentless in their effort to fix this in later software releases.  When any brand new technology like the dimming BLU in the PRM is first brought to market, the company will endeavor to find all the issues before launch of the product.

But inevitably, once it gets into the field, early adopters will find things that no beta test cycle could ever find… that's why as Product Manager, I'm always about building and maintaining those critical customer relationships… they're the gold in the entire process, and thankfully, at Dolby I was able to drive a continuing development process so all those issues could continue to be worked and eventually solved.

So Juan, you're absolutely right about what you saw, but thankfully, those issues have been mitigated or completely eliminated in the following releases.


On Jan 24, 2014, at 2:33 PM, Juan Ignacio Cabrera wrote:

> Hey Robert,
> For me the issue was evident when you had a small hot spot on the frame, it would get dimmer and get the tone of the surrounding colors. I am talking about looking at the monitor straight front on the color suite, not looking sideways. In a starry sky, the stars would look dim and dull...
> Also, an interesting artifact occurred when I was stabilizing a piece of old film and some quick 1-2 pixel was happening. The image started vibrating in brightness. Looks like the edge of black around the image was creating a diffused shadow over the picture that was vibrating at the same rate the thing edge was showing on and off.
> Don-t get me wrong, I love the idea of having a reference monitor like the Dolby where I can work on rec709 or P3 as well as feeding YUV, RGB or XYZ color components and knowing that my color in general is pretty accurate, but I was not expecting the silly artifacts at all.
> Juan.
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> On Fri, Jan 24, 2014 at 9:48 AM, Robert Frye <bcfrye at earthlink.net> wrote:
> That's an interesting comment about light and color bleed.  Does this refer to viewing it way off axis?
> Because when viewed in a "normal" position, that's something that the monitor never has been criticized for.
> Due to the BLU technology, if you do view it way off axis, then you'll see some ghosting, which may be what
> you're describing.
> Sorry that you don't feel comfortable on it, honestly there have been very many major motion pictures graded
> on the PRM, by some of the worlds most critical colorists, so apparently it is a comfortable experience for some.
> Having said all this, please note I'm not shilling for the monitor or Dolby, as I was a part of a large round of
> lay offs due to company restructuring, so while the PRM was my baby, I'm no longer pitching for the team :)
> Bob
> On Jan 23, 2014, at 10:22 PM, Juan Ignacio Cabrera wrote:
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> > That sounds great coming from the Dolby PRM manager... I look forward to
> > check the Canon out. As much as I really wanted to love the PRM-4200, I
> > don-t entirely feel comfortable grading with it. The light and color bleed
> > is way too much for a monitor of such high range.
> >
> >
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> >> 4k monitor.
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> >> Begin forwarded message:
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> >>> From: Robert Frye <bcfrye at earthlink.net>
> >>> Subject: Re: [Tig] Canon 4K monitor
> >>> Date: January 23, 2014 at 9:11:41 PM CST
> >>> To: Rob Lingelbach <rob at colorist.org>
> >>>
> >>> Carl -
> >>>
> >>> It's always exciting to work with a new reference display, especially
> >> one with the pedigree that the Canon has.  As the product manager for
> >> Dolby's PRM-4200, I have had many opportunities to do some serious in depth
> >> analysis of many displays, true reference versions and pretenders to the
> >> throne, so to speak.
> >>>
> >>> While I haven't had an in-depth session with the Canon, from what I've
> >> seen during it's previews at IBC and NAB, I can say that Canon is doing all
> >> the right things.  Of the several 4K displays entering the market now, it
> >> strikes me as being the one most likely to become the "it" 4K monitor in
> >> this size.  I was impressed with it's gray scale rendition. The way it
> >> comes up out of black without  crushing the lowest code words reminds me of
> >> the Dolby monitor.  Very accurate and smooth, does a great job of rendering
> >> the details in the shadows.  That might be one area I'd suggest you look
> >> into with the content you're working on there.   As good as the E-series
> >> OLEDs are, when I measured their gray scale tracking, they did crush the
> >> first few code words coming up out of black, which may or may not impact
> >> your shadow details, of course this is content dependent.  I've thought the
> >> Canon had good colorimetry as well, both the primaries and secondaries seem
> >> well represented to my eyes.
> >>>
> >>> I'm looking forward to getting some seat time with the Canon myself…
> >> will be very interested to hear your thoughts as you continue evaluating /
> >> working with it.
> >>>
> >>> Bob
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