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Bob - 

Absolutely - what was the common figure?  2 - 3 screen height was the proper distance to view a monitor.  In Japan, during our early prototype reveals of the PRM, we discovered that the colorists there typically sit 1 to 1 & 1/2 screen heights away... due mostly to the smaller rooms they work in… but interestingly enough, that's now the preferred 4K viewing distance!

We always recommended the surround walls to be 18% gray (grey??) for the best and most neutral color interpretation on screen.  Although you can imagine the variation in this that we found as we toured many different grading facilities around the world !!

And yes, once the monitor dominates the field of view, the surround becomes more a part of the colorist's peripheral vision and less affecting of their color perception on screen.
That doesn't mean we can have odd-ball colors in the surround walls of course :)   I'd bet even on the periphery, colors other than 18% gray will have some effect on the viewer.

Not to mention the beverages of choice that some folks like to consume :)  … pass me the lime please !


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> On Fri, 24 Jan 2014, laco wrote:
>> I had the privilege to spend dinner with one of the Japanese engineers of this display after they presented it on a show in my country.
>> He said that the optimal/recommended viewing distance is very close, I can’t recall the exact distance, but it was around 3 feet, maybe between 2-3 feet?
> In the old days, the viewing distance was quite far compared to the size and resolution of the display. Quite a lot of attention was put into the color of the wall behind the display.  If one's face is only two feet away from the display, then it seems that the influence of the colors behind the display will be changed since the display occupies most of the field of view.
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