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Sun Jan 26 06:42:55 GMT 2014

>"The point is that the ISPs controlling streaming and its profits 
>shouldn’t be allowed to write their own rules."

>Regarding the above, recently there was recently a US federal appeals 
>court decision against the FCC which declares that internet providers 
>do have the right to choose what data is transferred over their 
>networks, including the ability to charge the originator of the data 
>in order to transfer the data.

That was not exactly what the decision was.

What the court said was that the FCC did not have the RIGHT to tell Internet
providers what they can do because they are not what is known as "common
carriers", which are the entities over which the FCC has control.

In what may turn out to be a momentous decision, the court disallowed the FCC
telling the backbone 'owners' that they had to give equal weight to all
Internet traffic. 

They then hinted that this was something Congress could rectify by passing a
law, as if the elected pimps and thieves in Washington would do anything for
the public, when private money-grubbing interests are donating unlimited
amounts of money to persuade them to do otherwise.

The cost of broadband in the U.S., already some of the highest in the world,
is going to go up. But at least the speeds and service we get are about the
same or worse than many third world nations have.


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