[Tig] Jvc Camera Color Delay Issue

Fred Kovach fkovach at globaluniversity.edu
Sun Jul 6 15:42:38 BST 2014

I realize this is slightly off topic, but I'm hoping that someone in this group will know the answer. 

I'm shading camera this morning for our church. Our camera 1 looks like blue channel is timed different than the others. If you look at the pic below you can see yellow below her hairline and eyes. There is also blue above luminance/chroma transitions. This is in no other camera. Turning the camera off and back on didn't help. 

We have JVC cameras but can't see the model number at the moment. We are running thru a JVC remote control unit rm-hp250 via multicore with SDI. We are running 720p24 for video. 

Any ideas?  Anything I can control or check from the RCU?


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