[Tig] Jvc Camera Color Delay Issue

Bob Kertesz bob at bluescreen.com
Sun Jul 6 22:56:04 BST 2014

>Now that I've looked at it closer, I can see that blue is delayed by several lines.

The blue channel is offset vertically by quite a few lines.

Since moving the camera made the problem follow the camera, it's most likely
in the head. 

Without knowing the model number, I can only make some educated guesses, none
of which can be field repaired.

If it's a 3 chip camera, the blue sensor or part of the prism has shifted.

It could be a detail circuitry issue (kinda doubtful, but maybe).

Some processor along the signal path has lost its mind.

All of these will require the camera be sent to JVC for repair. If it's a
sensor/prism issue, and the camera is out of warranty, it's likely not worth


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