[Tig] No more OLEDs -- WTF are we monitoring, exactly?

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Thu May 15 00:02:45 BST 2014

It gets even worse... My kids watch for TV content on a computer via catch
up services and on line content like music videos on TV because it is
hooked up to a decent audio system. There is no coherent system out there.
.......  Or is there?
On 14 May 2014 23:53, "Jeff Kreines - Mindspring via Tig" <tig at colorist.org>

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> Sony just announced they are discontinuing OLED production, which I assume
> applies to professional monitors.
> Well, what exactly are we monitoring, and what will the stuff we are
> working on (especially if grading) be seen on?
> I love my Sony PVM-2541A.  Amazing blacks.  But unless I am watching
> something on an OLED monitor, those blacks can’t be duplicated.  After
> doing a lot of B&W grading on the Sony, I went and saw NEBRASKA at our
> local art house, which just installed a Christie 2K projector — installed
> and set up by Boston Light and Sound, known for their fussiness.  (The
> installation engineer didn’t like the way the audio rack was labelled so he
> spent an extra week redoing it from scratch.)
> While I had issues with how NEBRASKA was graded, the projector could never
> get a black that approached the black of the new surround masking — which
> was really black.  The surround kind of rubs the projector’s face in the
> non-black black.
> I asked some colorists about this and they said that you have to use a LUT
> box on the Sony so that the blacks match the cinema projector.  (Or, of
> course, grade on a well-calibrated projector.)
> In the bad old days of CRTs, at least there were some things in common
> between your fancy BVM grade-1 monitor and home TV.  The TV wasn’t as good
> but at least the technology was kind-of the same.
> Now, we have OLEDs, Plasma (RIP), LED-lit IPS LCDs, tube-lit LCDs both IPS
> and crappy, 8-bit, 10-bit, low-res, HD, UHD, not to mention projectors with
> xenon or weird spiky lamps…  and Dubly-Vision.
> In audio, there were Auratones as the car radio spec, NS10s for cheap home
> stereos, Genelecs, Tannoys et al for mixing (what, no 604s?), and the
> mastering engineers I know liked Duntech Sovereigns.  If the mix
> translated, all was ok.
> But will a grade ever translate between all of these devices?
> Given that we may never see widespread use of OLEDs, the new cheap
> internally calibrated HP Dreamcolor looks interesting.
> But what do I know?
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