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   There is one more restoration software...
   PF clean

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   I know this has been discussed many times, but looking for some new insight.
   Thoughts on film restoration software?
   I've tested pf clean, Diamant dustbuster +, Algosoft.
   *Pf clean* had the best interface, and allowed prores files without needing
   to convert to dpx sequences.
   *Dustbuster +* gave me the best results and excellent fine tuning controls.
   Very good customer support around development and improving the software.
   (scratch removal is getting better).
   *Algosoft* - still in development with some promising results. UI is old,
   and very windows xp ish. Mainly an automated one touch solution. Not
   necessarily what I'm after.
   Approx costs:
   Dustbuster quotes $18k
   Pfclean $10k
   Both have costly yearly upgrade fees.
   Mti I have not tested
   Phoenix retouch I have not tested.
   Anyone have results/opinions they could share?
   Justin Lovell
   Cinematographer // Assoc. CSC
   416.901.5332 m.416.803.1101
   twitter/insta: @justin_lovell
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   Justin Lovell
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