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Jim Wicks jim at jimwicks.com
Sat Nov 29 22:09:42 GMT 2014

Hi Justin,

We had the new version of PFClean also.
What material were you working on? 
Our pipeline is 2K and 4K uncompressed DPX only, which resulted in slower speeds.

Each artist on my restoration team does 3,000 frames per shift per day.
But that’s using Revival running on a Linux system.
Our measurement, as we look for an alternative to Revival, is to match that output or better it.

We had high hopes for PFClean, it just didn’t come through for us.

Best, Jim


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> Hey Jim,
> The new version of pf clean is pretty fast from my tests.
> I have a version of Phoenix touch.  Just got an evaluation license for pc
> will be testing this week.   Is that the version you are trying?
> You should also try dustbuster + from hsart.  Speak with Franz.  I have
> been most impressed with their support and results.
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