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Used to handle an account where I saw a lot of animated content -- some of them weren't "cartoons."  Changing the enclosed frame seems to be employed as much as a vignetting technique as a presentation frame.  Watch an episode of "Samurai Jack" sometime.  Comic books do not employ a rigid frame size or aspect ratio other than what will fit on the page and what supports the narrative. Open a comic book and consider a layout of three rows -- top two might have two square panels side-by-side, and the bottom one might be a single "wide" and there might even be a circular cameo overlaid on an intersection that would otherwise be a "cutaway" shot in a motion picture.

I am not saying it *might not* be a QA control issue, but art direction can figure into the equation as well.  Graphic novels, manga, and so on do it all the time.

On 2015-01-04, at 1:30 AM, Carl Skaff via Tig wrote:

> I've never seen this before. But I also don't watch too many cartoons
> either.

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