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Ted Langdell tedlangdell at gmail.com
Sat Jan 17 19:37:38 GMT 2015

Hi, Nils,

Just looked at the video:  YIKES!

Given all the faults and tape damage seen, I'd recommend NOT playing tape until you have the mechanical issues resolved.

Regarding the supply side tape reel: 

Is there voltage to the brake solenoid? If not, it won't release the brake... hence one possible source of the problem.

Check whether you can physically move the supply side brake solenoid and whether it's sticky.  A good cleaning and then lube with graphite—like used for door locks—can fix that kind of issue.

I've passed on the link below to Ken Zin.

He also notes that the C versions had a heterodyne color system to recover color during playback.

If I caught all of what he said during a phone conversation about this unit... the A and B versions should allow RECORDING of color tape, since he recalls the inputs aren't filtered to eliminate burst or higher frequencies.

He believes that A and B units should PLAY a color tape, and allow stable recovery if connected to a TBC. The RF output added to the side of the deck may indicate it was used with a TBC's dropout compensator.  Could also have been for a demod monitor, as Bert suggests. 

You could look at the video out or the demod with a scope to see whether burst is present on any of the tapes. 

Hope this is helpful absent a manual.


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