[Tig] AMPEX VR650

Bert Weyl bweyl33 at verizon.net
Mon Jan 19 19:36:34 GMT 2015

   I watched the video and clearly, as Ted says, absolutely need to fix the
   mechanical issues first. I would guess the brake solenoid driver transistor
   might be shorted since it engages at power on, or possibly a logic problem.
   I can't remember for sure where the drivers  are, but in the back of my head
   from a long time ago, I think it's on one of the boards in the front. I also
   seem to recall that there is a connector under the scanner for the solenoid
   that could be separated to temporarily solve the problem.

   On 01/17/15, Nils LindPetersen via Tig<tig at colorist.org> wrote:

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   We played back as short as possible, and in order to do a recording of the
   conditions. I absolutely don't like the sound of the tape tearing either.
   The reel-brake solenoid engage at power on, but else it can move. I think
   we will tie a fine line to manual release the brakes if not the torque is
   to heavy.
   There are no letter after the '650' .
   It is told the VTR was used for screen training.
   Next Wednesday will reveal more ...
   Nils Lind Petersen
   drmuseum, Copenhagen
   Hi, Nils,
   Just looked at the video: YIKES!
   Given all the faults and tape damage seen, I'd recommend NOT playing tape
   until you have the mechanical issues resolved.
   Ted Langdell
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