[Tig] TIG Researching numbers of telecines and scanners from the beginning of the Rank Cintel era

Peter White (EAFA) Peter.White at uea.ac.uk
Fri Jan 23 14:07:18 GMT 2015

There's a question indeed...

They're certainly keeping the scanner very focused (excuse the pun).  The audio side of things and any addons will be 3rd party.  Doubtful that people buying a $30K scanner will want to spend $xxK getting it to work with their format requirements.  It is priced low enough though that some managers could just buy it without thinking of the implications.

End of the day they don't need to cover their costs for that product.  Their many other products can cover it, they won't lose much if anything.

Peter White
East Anglian Film Archive

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>So given these numbers, how Blackmagic will be able to cover their
>costs for their new film scanner that is just under $30K?
>Skip Elsheimer
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>>  This thread reminds me of a certain VTR manufacturer that decided they
>could make a killing in the telecine field. Somehow their research told them
>that the market was huge and had a limitless future. Their business model was
>predicated on selling 200 per year to start.
>> I think their final sales number was somewhere near "7" ;-)
>> Rich Torpey
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>www.RushTera.com supports the TIG.=====Mkiii's continued s/n throughout
>variations, they got to early 900's --- 908 I think, before they jumped to 1000
>for the first of John Millward's hd mkiii's. Graham Collett Sent from my
>iPhone> On 21 Jan 2015, at 18:06,  wrote:> > > Ted,> > > > Rank Cintel Telecine
>numbers> > > Pure “Educated Guess”> > > Around 1000 MKIIIs of all versions
>from original MKIII Jumpscan to MKIIIC EnhancedDigiscan 4:2:2 > > (35 MKIII
>Jumpscans in 1 year went to Nigeria!)> > Of course several MKIIIs in the
>USAwere converted to Turbo Telecines.> > Around 40 ADS -1 and 2 Cintel Line
>Array CCD scanner, thefirst to use an IR channel to detect and conceal
>scratches !> > MKIII ED, 2 were built for UK Sky TV> > MKIIIHD, around 8 were
>built, all went to the USA> > Around 360 Ursas all versions Ursa,Gold, Diamond
>etc> > About 5 Klone 2K Line array CCD. Pin registered scanners> > Around 70
>C Reality HD / Data telecines> > Around 20 DSX Scanners, 4K units based on C
>Reality.> > About 35 Ditto CCD Area Array Data scanners.> > I have no idea
>how many MKII or Photoconductive telecinesCintel were made.> > There
>were as well a few Rascal and Casllisto telecinesbased on HD modified MKIIIs.
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