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Peter Swinson has sent along, apropos of recent discussion, notes on some 3D work of a different kind. The photos he mentions are posted below.


Thought you might like this.

I have moved into 3D printing, no, not film 3D but real 3D.

A version of 3D printing that might appeal and make Tig’ers smile is Lithopanes, no I had never heard of them until I tried making them.

If you think images on film have a good shelf life, how about this.

Lithpanes are 3D prints made in ABS plastic, this is a common,extremely stable and strong material. Amongst other things, vehicle fenders, bumpers to UK people, and Lego is made of ABS.

Lithopanes are literally sheet panes of semi-translucent white ABS with the image in relief. Best results are obtained using them as transparencies. Here the thickness of the ABS is proportional to the image density. So thicker material attenuates the light more than the thin sections. Obviously contrast ratios are very ompared to film images but lithopanes make great party discussion pieces. And I believe ABS does not deteriorate over 100’s of years. Maybe one day an archive medium !!!

Anyway to show you what they look like I made one of that old timer Sam Holtz from the image we put on the TIG. I attach 2 images ; one in reflected light so you can see the 3D relief

reflected light to show 3D relief
& one backlit.

The lithopane is about 1.5 inch by 2 inch. Also attached, a photo of some other things I have printed. Some I designed using Google Sketchup, others are pre-designed models from Thinginverse The photo includes an AA battery to show you the scale. The bearing really does rotate and the logarithmic gears do mesh and rotate through 360 degrees!.

printed 3D lithopanes

Put this up on the TIG if you think it remotely reelevent.

Happy New Year


--Rob Lingelbach 02:52, 12 January 2013 (UTC)