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I made this chart, because I missed my Aaton Keylink. The keylink would scan the KK and display the make and type of film in the corner of the GUI. So if you where speaking to a DP, it was easy to glance out the corner of your eye, and then spout "Ah! you shot the new vision3 daylight stock didn’t you? DP would say: "How do you know?" and I would say "you just know after a while" and poof! your one step closer to God status. The Evertz does not provide this, so I created this list. It is a compilation of information from the Aaton, Evertz, Kodak, and Fuji web sites

I have tried to keep it up to date, if I missed something important, let me know.

Film stock are sorted first by type.

  • Blue=Daylight
  • Yellow=Tungsten
  • Orange=Intermediate/Lab Films
  • Black=black and white
  • Light orange=Agfa

Then Alphabetically by KK.

Key Kode A.jpg Key Kode B.jpg

If you wish a PDF, send a email with "color coded" in the subject line and I will pass it to you. Jim Mann

--Jim Mann 15:57, 3 April 2009 (UTC)