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The Telecine Internet Group Wiki (or TKColorist Internet Group Wiki) v. 8.1. The TIG consists of this wiki and the TIG mailinglist with about 2000 subscribers. The TIG is a professional group of colorists, engineers, facility managers and others involved with all aspects of color grading. Newcomers are welcome. Since 1991.

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<random> @@@*Featured: Bob Festa: Kia Optima <dhflashplayer>file=Kia_Optima_h264.mov|width=360|height=250|path=http://reels.colorist.org/media_flash/newhat/%7Cflashvars=&showdigits=true&autostart=false&image=http://reels.colorist.org/images/festa_kia_optima.jpg</dhflashplayer> @@@*Featured: Bob Festa: Life Styles <dhflashplayer>file=Life_Styles__The_SKYN_Revolution_.mov|width=360|height=250|path=http://reels.colorist.org/media_flash/newhat/%7Cflashvars=&showdigits=true&autostart=false&image=http://reels.colorist.org/images/festa_life_styles.jpg</dhflashplayer>


Colorist reels and clips hereby solicited. mail to Rob <a> colorist.org

  • Streaming colorist showreels

Rainer Bültert Janet Falcon Josh Petok Jeff Bauman Sofie Borup Cem Ozkilicci Dami Carvalho Warren Eagles Rob Lingelbach Billy Gabor Clark Muller Dave Hussey Matt Turner Mike Pethel Rob Sciarratta John Bonta Sean Coleman Siggy Ferstl Stefan Sonnenfeld Stephen Nakamura Tim Masick Tom Poole Victor Mulholland John Tissavary Micah Kirz Michael Thibodeau Biggi Klier Benedek Kaban Bob Lovejoy Laurent Morel Dan Mitre Peter Berg Tim Farrell Owen Williams Bruce Bolden Rob Bessette

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The TKColorist Internet Group has always run on a Unix platform. More information can be found on the TIG History page.

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