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The TIG is exploring the use of an encrypted mailinglist for those who would like to use relatively secure GPG encryption for sending and receiving posts. (*see note at bottom of this page below public key block)

when you receive the subscription confirmation, there will be a link in the mail to edit your subscriber options (it's in the paragraph starting with "If you ever..."). Go to that URL and near the bottom of the page use the "Upload GPG Key" to send your public key to the server.

at the bottom of this page is the public key block for which you should import into your keyring. It starts with 5 dashes and ends with 5 dashes (hyphens).

messages you send to should be encrypted with the list's public key (which you just imported) and your private key.

  • you should then receive your posting back, encrypted with your public key, which you can then decrypt using your private key.

There are many mail clients that support this kind of encryption, including Apple's, the Unix mutt(1) user agent, etc. Some configuration is required, but much of the process is automated afterwards. An understanding of GPG/PGP is very helpful. If you'd like assistance with using GPG, it's on the web, or I might be able to help when time permits. This page will grow with more information as the idea is further developed.

-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (Darwin) mQGiBEe15TMRBADVYvLH/Ka0C51JmKR6o+AEE70crdU/VpjOOrjP2f8rwQJHq1h2 BoAGIfHLLDUX0RbvgRYT6TtsGxZQiTTSb+9e9Om/cQqnQs1mRNL+e1jryAaUEZl3 StdNYHbYKqSEvIfX7HtvckffdqLhV+Ls2aJhdznquWHixKG8/kkDtCqi/wCgmKF+ RkcPduUxM4aoUF+8gU0s9yMEALxDA/YB0VWHM3Fdjg3wCATteBE4MoxGC0gRX8Pl nCJ3oPWA2D1Z8t3BqhozO58O4dFGUDP2YSFs43Y0HZVfQ8/uyFXLD57HtLswHb5N Ce2wYnuQcptuRqx2tFDywxvw3U7njLeUxpgZtVP5hItC4/eQrslPoF0mSC0GHwAB +l72A/9YXunsr1qA6e3sdXlfu1SkF84+CLnsu7FUcTu+moknym56Pw/pIOd782Um ZkvLWYpo83qldMEp34Djm4dxW7sbvDqWorwAIH1v++8ack6wiMekWwJpfxWkapRC 6JTO86hLSxgysKXsvPOPG5LamqHgcNh/f5oh+05JsaMuQri6PrQrUm9iIExpbmdl bGJhY2ggKDIwMDhfMDJfMTUpIDxyb2JAbmNjb20uY29tPohgBBMRAgAgBQJHteUz AhsDBgsJCAcDAgQVAggDBBYCAwECHgECF4AACgkQAJFghblMI+yLsACfRfNT9yqu Grq7drgsh+979Wc501EAnA8GHt/l5G/UDkSiwT447KErwowcuQINBEe15TMQCACD BI+cwK0tAxzmc7YDf6/7sSb6iajESoPgU2fsKj7OYKhv1Ilpbza8mrDs8hdUv877 auOk6k0rti7mF9FyiOSVhXGGA/4OkYjFKplv5EPxR5iQSgUXiBG3lNih9eoMmahc shw3ohAd4wYGUOxUPM/9sZ50qxdkrrzdLbAO2WQIqpRndP+tiDNE5/D1dC6tOjVq 8I0j2K+eZZzpnnwl+6vF2dSlwP+xFMg89ia7SZlSzIwvbaz9G1xl3ZVOq44gqUAS noFh/E4CpDRP++KU7+GUTKpsugKAmjB7m/VRE4zHnsbFu3z+sCp8AbBJAKjLVH0O +O2KZDv+cc6CgBrdXdYTAAMFB/4w4kwmrb778DnCEPj3SfqWmrePAEqzzzs5AOIM XTVO6Uzfq4piPTBGQQ1DP1og3B/32HsaDcZoHCXZbynPpOwIyG9CoKZ/BL/U5yZX eOAXgYEn0JJ9U7u6mCLYA3d4bDz3T2H3ozv3zOfSjgetCcEPNJ9qBOSDF4cm8Rr8 Uah8qVmUP8AeiAvPJ+WPes8T6Wqxh9i+mMK/lYeYrAVhOshootfnJnGjP9dtlymG dCFA7IpYYHQpmTdBHveWuMCMZZWnHlbwHJPMei68T/yMUoOZ/ccV0DwYZGQGq60q GoTPRltQrr1wGjPIRrFRPYbeyQt1LQ1k1+ohZojMuwaLxDOSiEkEGBECAAkFAke1 5TMCGwwACgkQAJFghblMI+yTMQCfa7TuKbTiqbNRieMbvYfuJwAeBvUAniHm1SHK sQzmcU+Upa9Q9o2EBW7G =M3vD -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----

  • NOTE: this new mailinglist has no specific agenda or topic yet, it is an experiment in determining whether or not it might be useful to incorporate into the TIG. There is no limit on discussion or topics, and all communication is as secure as your own key (suggestion: use 2048 bits :) )

--Rob Lingelbach 21:10, 18 January 2009 (UTC)