Gallery Export Saturation Difference

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I'm often asked to send stills of session scene grades to clients, and do so using the DaVinci Gallery File Export function. I've tried TIFF, BMP, JPG-YUV, and JPG-RGB. There are some differences between each, but none come close to the saturation of the original Standard Def PAL image. I'll put up two examples on the TIG wiki, the first is a JPG-YUV and the second is closer to what it was before export, as adjusted in Photoshop (I don't personally like the variegation in flesh tone of this grading; it's presented only as an example). During Export from Gallery, the differences between JPG YUV, JPG RGB, and Bitmap were noticeable but not enough to create the kind of difference seen here. Comments welcome on the mailinglist or here below the images.

Image exported from Gallery, as JPG YUV Original Image, graded

--Rob Lingelbach 11:06, 28 November 2008 (UTC)