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Digital Vision

Join us at NAB 2013. Our equipment will be in display at the Chairman's Room in the Renaissance Hotel, to book a presentation slot please email us.

We will be demonstrating our exciting new collaborative workflow, DVO Stereo 3D Fix tool, integration with MTI Cortex Dailies, and Nucoda Look, as well as our ongoing and improved integration with AVID.

Also on display will be Phoenix Film and Video restoration and the Golden Eye film scanner. We will have our Vintage Cloud experts on hand to discuss your archive restoration needs.

It is our 25th year in the image processing and enhancement business, to celebrate, we will be unveiling technology to take us to 4K and beyond.

Every day from 16:00 onwards we will have open sessions, so feel free to pop in for a chat. We have a small reception stand in the lower south hall on stand SL14518 and If you are unable to pre-book a demo, please come to the stand to arrange a suitable time. To register for your free pass go to www.nabshow.com here and use VIP Code : LV5936

Media Cloud

MediaCloud is the best way to share big files. If you don't know us yet, watch this. We'd love to see you at NAB. We'll be on the floor in booths N-CP1 and N-CP10 in the Cloud Computing Pavilion demonstrating the latest and greatest MediaCloud functionality, and in booth N-4919 demonstrating a MediaCloud installation with up to a Petabyte of storage in a dailies workflow. We'll also be hosting our annual NAB MediaCloud Party / Happy Hour at the tapas bar FireFly (www.fireflylv.com) at 7pm on Tuesday April 9th as a "thank you" to all our members and partners. All you need to do is sign up for a free trial at mediacloud.cc to get in. Hope to see you there!


Kaurus Ltd will be attending NAB 2013.

Now in our 11th year, as a UK based integrator, Kaurus has been offering advice on the equipping, supplying and installing of grading suites and screening rooms into the UK and Europe from day one.

Primarily concentrating on but not limited to, HD and dual HD S3D to 2K DCI projection with HFR and 3D and 4K, we cover projector selection, screen selection from fixed aspect basic to custom built and fully mask configured, accompanying image monitoring, calibration, room design considerations and aesthetics.

You can talk to us about your project whether it is a work in progress or a blank canvas.

We will be available throughout the show on the following numbers:

  • +44 (0) 7779 242 790 (Peter Sutton)
  • +44 (0) 7903 017 858 (Paul Sutton)
  • +44 (0) 1992 460 591 (Head office on UK time) – Pre NAB or get a message passed to us during NAB

Or drop us an email before the show to book a day and time to meet: peter@kaurus.com and/or paul@kaurus.com

Access to emails throughout the show will be limited but monitored.



Media Contact: Sharon Adcock +1.616.848.7283, SkiAdcock@aol.com


New version of Catapult Bridge redefines cloud-based WAN workflows

Melbourne, Australia, March 15, 2013…XDT Pty. Ltd., a developer of advanced software- based solutions for high-speed data transfers, is showcasing the latest version of its flagship Catapult suite of products, including simplified fast access to cloud-based storage via NFS and CIFS.

'Catapult Bridge offers direct access to cloud-based or remote storage via NFS and Samba protocols. Eliminating the use of custom client applications or watch folder workflows to transfer data over WAN networks, Catapult Bridge provides a seamless path over latent networks. With more and more broadcasters and post facilities moving towards decentralizing their data and accessing “storage as a service”, Catapult Bridge bridges the gap between common network protocols and high speed WAN transfer protocols like Catapult.

“Broadcasters and post facilities can now access cloud-based storage the same way they are using local storage”, says Erik Otto, CEO at XDT. “Catapult Bridge provides a standard local network share to internal networks whilst optimizing the traditionally inefficient WAN transfers transparently in the background, making the process seamless and efficient. We expect more of our customers to move to this type of workflow in the future, and so have developed our suite of products to meet that need”.

Redefining networked media transfers and review, the Catapult suite of products delivers unprecedented point-to-point performance by utilizing standard networking infrastructure. The Catapult protocol also addresses the shortcomings of common network protocols and bridges the gap between LAN and WAN transfers, which extends to Jpeg200 in transit compression and remote review of uncompressed frame sequences.

About XDT Pty Ltd:

XDT Pty. Ltd. is a developer of advanced software-based solutions for digital film. Its unique Catapult technology redefines media transfers over local and wide area networks for digital intermediate and post-production workflows. Catapult delivers unprecedented performance for point-to-point media transfers and high resolution uncompressed frame review over standard networking infrastructure.

For further information, contact XDT Pty Ltd, tel: +61 (0) 3 9549 1120; fax: +61 (0) 3 9549 1199, info@xdt.com.au, http://www.xdt.com.au

All trademarks used herein, whether recognized or not, are the properties of their respective companies

link=http://nab13.mapyourshow.com/5_0/exhibitor_details.cfm?exhid=404874 &userGuid=

flashscan8.us / MWA Nova in SL-13107

See and try various elements of a complete workflow: Real-time 2.3K+ film scanning to digital files, restoration, backup to tape, and output to film at surprisingly good cost.

E-mail ted@flashscan.us or call (530) 301-2931 to set an appointment!

We'll have an MWA Nova 16/35 Vario2K+™ on the floor for hands-on transfers and sample generation. The real-time Vario2K+™ is great for a variety of work, from economical restoration to mass migration of film at 2336 x 1752. The Vario2K+™ includes live HD-SDI output for monitoring and other uses. Tweak the color with the AVID Artist “Color” panel!

View the results on a Dolby PRM-4200, then observe restoration with Digital Vision tools, archive using LTFS formatted LTO-6, and learn how to send the restored content back to film.

The film recording can be at resolutions up to 7680x2048 anamorphic WITH SOUND in one simultaneous step... on one easy to use machine. More news announced at NAB!

The 16/35mm Vario scanning platform will introduce even higher resolutions, and a sound-only VarioTön brings playback of sprocketed sound materials into the 21st century.

Learn more about the MWA Nova Choice2K+™, which provides 2336 x 1752 scanning of 8mm/Super8, 9.5mm and 16mm in real time, with main and balance stripe magnetic sound for 8/Super8, magnetic sound (newsfilm) and optical sound for 16mm. A new option allows for scanning faster than real time: 720p/50 at 50fps, capturing a half-hour reel of 8/Super8 in ten minutes. With sound. And AVID Artist “Color” panel!

Speedy slide digitizing happens with the new MWA Nova flashslide™ for 2" x 2" mounted 35mm slides. The 3600 dpi resolution process is quick, compared to say, conventional types of slide scanners. flashslide™ does it in about 8 seconds per slide, with no removal from trays required*.

flashscan8.us will take orders for FXSYS (formerly SanLab) Diamond Etched MicroMat™ Particle Transfer Rollers, Quad VTR refurbishing, leasing and rental, Videotape head assembly refurbishing and other tools for handling and migrating video and film.

See more news in our Virtual Booth. Watch for us to spring some news on Page 3 of the Virtual Booth product listings as we get closer to April 8!

Use Free Exhibits Pass Code LV4962 through Friday, March 22!

Mention the TIG when setting your appointment to get one of two cool SWAG items. Something light, or something that doesn’t need batteries to keep you on schedule. (While supplies last.)

flashscan8.us and MWA Nova. Real time or Faster. Proven Products. And some Fun.

--Rob Lingelbach (talk) 16:44, 01 April 2013 (UTC)