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  • Test Image Generator

Please note that these charts have not been thoroughly tested and await confirmation for use in various colorspaces, with various codecs. Feedback hereby solicited, on this page or via email to rob at colorist.org

  • see at the top of this page, under the "discussion" link, comments about these charts and their viability.
    • see at the bottom a representation (not meant for actual use) of the CCTV test chart.
      • see at the very bottom a SMPTE color bars chart that may or may not be usable.

I was searching for other "tig wikis" on the net and came across at least 4 other wikis with the name TIG or Tig or tig. The one that looked the most interesting includes a video "Test Image Generator" (hence TIG), a C program that you can download from this URL: https://ssl.bulix.org/projects/tig/attachment/wiki/WikiStart/tig-0.0.3.tar.gz

the first four charts here are sample charts generated, with help from the options list at https://ssl.bulix.org/projects/tig

there are options for resolution, moire, jitter, geometry, focus.


Tig3 geometry.png

Tig3 moire.png

Tig3 focus.png

Cctv chart.jpg

SMPTE ColorBars-768x576.png

--Rob Lingelbach 09:25, 23 March 2007 (PDT)